null4277 Podcast #9 Remast Bosics


null4277 podcast numero 9 selected and mixed by another very special guest from our most beloved village (Berlin): Remast Bosics. Stephan, as we know him, is DJ’ing since 1999 and has been part of the Dope on Dexx crew till he decided to spend some time in Australia and therefore a life in musical or at least DJ’ing abstinence. After his return, he became one of the early birds of null4277 (must have been something around 2006 … we don’t remember that mad times exactly), nowadays still fluttering around the crew, sparsely but nevertheless always heartly welcome – especially when he brings a new set around, which is a pretty rare phenomenon itself. This one reminds us the sound of the time null4277 was born and that’s why we have to say: Thank you, Stefan! It touches our inner life and will touch those of all others!

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PS: We are sorry for the silence and the long fade in but we had to add this due to some soundcloud absurdity …